Fourth Project Meeting

Forth Project Meeting

  • The fourth project meeting was held in Vukovar (Croatia) on the 07th – 08th July 2015, hosted by City of Vukovar. It has been an important opportunity for finalising the planning document (The integrated package for renovation towards NZEB) detailing all major aspects of selected solutions that will be applied in project pilot buildings in each partner’s area. Concerning the pilot application phase, the energy Audit template has been presented and discussed. In the upcoming months partners will work on the pilots, starting on the middle of September. A study visit to Sports Hall Borovo naselje and Sports and Recreational Center Lijeva bara was also organised.
  • A report on project and project meeting was emitted within "Vukovar cronicle" on "Osječka TV" (regional television, video from min 13.20) including interviews from project partners and on Vinkovacka TV (video from min 7.15).
  • Next project meeting to be organised in Denmark (February 2016)