Events - Events organised by the City of Eindhoven

Events organised by the City of Eindhoven 

1) Launch event organised in Eindhoven  on 16th March 2015
The 16th of march the first steering commitee was held in Eindhoven regarding the project by the City of Eindhoven. Present were prof. Smeulders (Scientif director Eindhoven Energy Institute Eindhoven University of Technology), F. Brouwers (School of Life Sciences and Enviromental Technology Avans University), R. Sleegers and J. v/d Laar (Orange Sports Forum Foundation), R. Schepers (projectmanager Eindhoven NO2 project), M. Gies (Energycoordination Eindhoven), J. van Gennip (manager swimmingpool Tongelreep Eindhoven). The steering commitee was given an explanation about the project. The integrated package of sollutions for the pilotphase was discussed.  The meeting was very usefull and the intention is to find a adittional sollution/case which integrates the energy data we have and combine them with heat storage sollutions. Also the optimalisation of LED lighting in sport facilities and a contribution of students is worth looking into.

2) Mid-term event organised in Eindhoven  on 18th April 2016

On the 18th of April a local event was organised by the City of Eindhoven with local stakeholders and NSC members to present the project progress as well as some results from pilots.

Although some of the foreseen measures will not be completed by the end of the project, the stakeholders expressed their overall satisfaction with the project and its outcomes. They are keen to see the final results from other pilots in other EU countries and expect results from Policy Recommendations and Guidelines, to be drafted by the end of the project.