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Events organised by CEA - Cyprus Energy Agency

The CEA - Cyprus Energy Agency have organised the conference for «Nearly Zero-Energy Sports Facilities» on the 4th of March 2015 in the premises of the Cultural Centre of the Bank of Cyprus. The presentations during the conference included the targets and the expected results of the project, the legislative framework that regulates the energy audits and Energy Service Companies as well as energy efficiency issues and the applications of Renewable Energy Sources in sport facilities. Furthermore, a representative from the Cyprus Sports Organisation (CSO) presented the existing situation on their sport facilities. The executive engineer of Aglantzia Municipality presented the proposed measures for the energy upgrade at the Aglantzia swimming pool. After the end of the presentations, the attendees had the chance to discuss with the speakers and express their own views and suggestions with regards to matters arising from energy efficiency in sport facilities. Moreover, a site-visit was conducted after the end of the conference, at the premises of the Aglantzia swimming pool, where the attendees had the chance to get informed for the use and maintenance of the municipal swimming pool, by the personnel of the Municipality. It is possible to download all the conference material by clicking on this link.


2) The n0e-sport project was present at the International Renewables and Energy Efficiency Conference that was held in Nicosia (Cyprus) on 5-6 May 2016. CEA had an exhibition stand distributing project dissemination material (flyers, brochures, etc.)