City of Vukovar is the owner of most sports facilities in the area and is a financer or co-financer of local sport associations using those sports facilities.There is an urgent need to introduce energy efficiency measures and energy usage unified monitoring methodology for those facilities.

In 2011, the City of Vukovar implemented the modernisation of heating system with installation of new, energy efficient gas-burner within the Borovo naselje Sports Hall. The project was financed through Fund for Reconstruction and Development of City of Vukovar.

City of Vukovar has undertaken a number of energy efficiency projects, including SGE (Energy ManagementSystem in the Cities and Counties in Croatia) a project of systematic monitoring of energy consumption (electricity and heat) in facilities owned by the city of Vukovar. The project has established a methodology for monitoring of energy spending and has created a database containing indicators of consumption. The purpose of the database is future determination of priorities for investments in energy efficiency measures.

City of Vukovar works with a number of stakeholders in the City, including the public companies for manufacturing, distribution and supply of heating energy and Community Sports Association of the City of Vukovar.


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