CLEAN promote green growth and employment.

CLEAN is the leading cleantech cluster organization in Denmark with more than 180 members from across the cleantech sector. CLEAN is a politically and technologically neutral platform where both Danish and foreign companies, knowledge institutions and public actors exchange knowledge and enter into new collaborations. The activities take place across industry boundaries and across public and private sectors. CLEAN is a non-profit organization, and profits are invested in projects for the benefit of members.

CLEANs objective is to use the green transition to generate growth, innovation and increased revenue for the Danish cleantech sector by:

• strengthening innovation and technology development in both large and small cleantech companies

• supporting research, development and implementation of new solutions that can address major climate and environmental challenges

• increasing international focus on Danish cleantech and especially promote the export of integrated solutions



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1620 Copenhagen V, Denmark

Telephone: +45 3840 5423

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