The city of Eindhoven is leading in technology and in sustainable development.

Design, innovation and sports are the main focus points for the city. Eindhoven has undertaken a variety of measures to increase energy efficient buildings and districts. Within the city of Eindhoven, the sector Sports and Movement has its own energy department, which main task is to monitor and reduce energy consumption in sports facilities. The ultimate goal is to be energy neutral in sports facilities in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven Sport is the sports organization of Eindhoven. Eindhoven Sports supports, facilitates, manages, organizes, operates and connects. Eindhoven athlete and sports enthusiast are always central. Eindhoven Sports offers facilities for everyone: the professional and recreational athletes. There are in the city's outstanding and high tech accommodations that provide a foundation for success, innovations and just healthy exercise for everyone.Increasingly Eindhoven the backdrop of (inter) national sport performances and events like Marathon Eindhoven, European and World Championships swimming, water polo, diving and synchronized swimming. There are also technological and innovative events like the World Robocup and Dutch Technology Week. In Eindhoven only runs not to organize and / or facilitate major sporting events, but also to the bridges to the sport. These partners Sport Formula Eindhoven and associations play an indispensable role. By example, clinics and activities at events width athlete becomes involved and promoted sports.

City of Eindhoven is the leader of WP3 - Design and Development of Integrated Package and Guidelines.


Events organised by the City of Eindhoven.