Pilot Buildings

Some pilot buildings have already been selected, as follows, and more will be selected/ confirmed during the first phase of the project.
Among the identified pilots there are:

In Florence 4 pilot actions have been identified:

  • Olympic sized Bellariva swimming pool, with a capacity of over 1000;
  • San Marcellino sports centre that hosts a swimming pool, two football fields and a gymnasium. The pool is 25x16 metres and the area has full seating capacity and office facilities;
  • Local council of Empoli, who manages around 12 large scale sports facilities and would like to improve energy performance in the swimming, the Lazzeri Sports Hall and PalaAramini indoor sports facilit;
  • Local council of Rufina, which focuses on 1 sport facility: an indoor gym, built of cement, which requires significant rebuilding and extension.

In Denmark 4 buildings have been identified:

  • Østermarken’ Sports Centre, which is 6.225 m2, with 1 main sports hall, 2 minor sports halls and 1 gym;
  • Ulkebøl Hallen, a traditional sports hall built around 1970. It has outdoor and indoor activities and is in use all year;
  • Aarsbjerg Sportsclub, a two-storey clubhouse with 6 changing rooms on the bottom floor and social area and a kitchen on the 1st floor;
  • Sundsmark Football court: the sports hall has a problem with lighting of the outdoor football court since it uses a high amount of electricity.

In Portugal 1 building has been already identified:

  • Quarteira Municipal Swimming Pools (PMQ), from and belonging to Loulé Municipality, are inserted in Quarteira Sports Complex and promote organised sports activities (pure swimming, hydrotherapy, aqua fitness, water polo, synchronised swimming, first aid and rescue).

In Eindhoven 4 pilot buildings have been identified:

  • Ir Ottenbad a 25 metre swimming pool mainly used for recreational swimming;
  • Speel- en Beweegplein, a multifunctional sports and playground, mainly used for amateur sports activities;
  • Pieter vd Hoogenband swimming stadium, and Olympic size pool with size training basin and elite level sports facilities;
  • Speedskating track and ice-hockey field, Used for elite level ice hockey as well as recreational ice skating (highly popular in the Netherlands).

In Croatia 1 building has been already identified:

  • Borovo naselje Sports Hall with two indoor sports halls (1000m2 and 500m2), bowling alley and gym. It can host handball, volleyball, basketball, football and individual sports such as karate, boxing etc. It has capacity of 2,085 people.

In Cyprus 1 building has been identified:

  • Strovolos Sports Centre, which has 4 Futsal courts, 2 volleyball pitches and 4 tennis courts. It is equipped with lighting and necessary premises (toilets/changing facilities/locker rooms) and is the only one belonging to the Municipality, thus serving the majority of residents.

In Derry 3 buildings owned by the city council have been identified:

  • City Swimming Baths, built in the 1950s, with a 25m x 10m main swimming pool and a smaller 17.5m x 7.5m teaching pool;
  • Lisnagelvin Leisure Centre, built in the 1970s, with a large, freeform, main swimming pool. There is a spa, steam room, sauna, gym and aerobics area (in addition to meeting rooms / changing facilities /outdoor facilities), which has a treated floor area of 2,550m2;
  • Templemore Leisure Centre, built in the 1970s with a 25m x 12.5m main swimming pool and a smaller 12.5m x 7.5m teaching pool. There is a spa, steam room, sauna, gym and large sports hall, which has a treated floor area of 5,375 m2.