Across Europe energy actors lack an adequate policy framework to boost creation of NZE sports facilities and the financial resources or incentives to apply it. Moreover, sports facility operators are often unable to apply proposed measures as they lack appropriate knowledge and experience in this field.
n0e-sport will:

  • raise knowledge and awareness about potential for NZE sports facilities, through exchange, dialogue and communication;
  • offer practical and tested solutions that pave the way for NZE sports facilities in different areas, thus developing an integrated package of technological and non technological solutions in terms of energy efficiency (EE) measures and renewable energy systems (RES);
  • apply systems to monitor and evaluate the impact of solutions for NZE sports facilities, in terms of investment, renewable energy production, energy savings and reductions of emissions;
  • provide long term recommendations to policy makers on development of NZE sports facilities, thus helping the public sector in going beyond 3% renovation target of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), in achieving the objectives of the EPBD and of EU 202020;
  • promote a multiplier effect and uptake of the integrated package by communicating project results to citizens (building users and general users), key target groups and national level governments, in addition to other EU countries and institutions.